Fracking Is Now Prohibited in NYS

Citing health concerns, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has banned fracking in NYS. However, NYS is still accepting fracking wastes from other states and is using fracked gas.

Fracking and its byproducts and other heavy industry had already been prohibited by zoning in the Town of Warwick. SW advocated for  this prohibition because fracking:

  • uses vast amounts of fresh water which becomes contaminated with dangerous chemicals and radioactivity
  • pumps contaminated water back to the surface where it cannot be safely disposed of by any known methods
  • leaves some contaminated water underground where it may seep into aquifers and wells
  • threatens agriculture, small businesses, recreation, and public health
  • creates a widespread industrial landscape in agricultural, residential, and conservation areas
  • releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas which cannot be adequately monitored or controlled
  • leaves a legacy of “orphaned” wells which will continue to release dangerous gases and volatile chemicals.

Some of our neighbors in Minisink are experiencing the effects of a gas compressor station (used to move fracked gas) built in a neighborhood where 190 homes are within a 1/2 mile radius.  People are also organizing to stop construction of the CPV fracked gas power plant in Wawayanda (Rt. 6 near Rt. 84).

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