About the Fracked Gas CPV Power Plant Planned for Wawayanda, NY

NEWS UPDATE: A federal investigation has been initiated regarding CPV’s influence over the state’s decisions.

The planned CPV gas power plant would produce 650 MW and include two 275’ smoke stacks, a compressor station, a near million gallon diesel tank, a 15,000 gallon ammonia tank, and a connection to the Millennium Pipeline in Minisink. Toxic and volatile products pose a threat.

The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) allowed the Town of Wawayanda to assume lead agency for the review of the process. The town issued all approvals. Does it seem reasonable that a small town should have the responsibility to approve a large power plant?

There were faults in the SEQR process. For example, CPV claimed an “impact radius” of 5 miles. The standard air modeling analysis would be at least 30 miles for direct impacts. CPV also did not identify any “hot spots” that would receive more emissions because of topography and wind patterns, which are relevant in this area.

Notification was inadequate. Only residents living within 500 feet were notified (in 2013, though the permitting process began in 2008).

The plant will use fracked gas. It would become part of a vast fracked gas infrastructure in NYS, which has banned fracking here because of health impacts.

The plant would annually produce 2.1 million tons of CO and 750 tons of volatile organic compounds, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter, and formaldehyde. These products, which include carcinogens, neurotoxins, and/or endocrine disruptors, are a health threat.

The greenhouse gases produced by this plant would contribute to climate change, which is already having impacts and must be addressed immediately to avoid catastrophic effects. We should not be locking ourselves into more fossil fuel infrastructure when we need to be concentrating on renewable energy, conservation, and efficiency.

There is no current need for this power plant. Though it has been claimed that this plant will enable Indian Point Nuclear Plant to close, Indian Point is now operating at 43% capacity. If more power is needed in the future, it can be supplied by hydropower from Canada and wind and solar from NYS as well as upgrading the grid to advance renewables.

The plant would receive exemptions, tax abatements, and a power purchase agreement that would put a financial burden on taxpayers. It would be better to support renewable and efficiency and conservation measures which would take us to a more sustainable future.

This is not a “done deal.” Gov. Cuomo must approve the power purchase agreement and a 401 Water Quality Certificate for the Valley Lateral Pipeline to connect with the plant. We can also ask for a Department of Health review. We can also contact our county executive and our county legislators. We can write letters to the editor. Many people do not know about this power plant. Let’s get the word out!
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See also: www.protectorangecounty.org and sign the online petition.

6 Responses to About the Fracked Gas CPV Power Plant Planned for Wawayanda, NY

  1. Michael Bender says:

    How close is this plant to Soons Orchard ? How will it affect the people who live and work close by – say in a 10 or 20 mile radius ?

    • Roger Moss says:

      The emissions will drift – depends on wind and other atmospheric conditions, but Soons is very close, indeed.

  2. Catherine A Kaufman says:

    Governor, Senators, and Rep.& Legislature Tom and Melissa, VOTE…… NO on this, as we do not need anymore health hazards in NY.

  3. David Holt says:

    I live on Kirbytown rd. right up the hill from this monstrosity, how did this ever get approval so close to a residential area? Doesn’t anyone in the goverment give a crap about the quality of life of the residents that are being effected by this plant.
    When will our politicans wake up and not just think about the all mighty dollar and actually do what’s is right and just for the poeple of this community and the surounding areas. I don’t understand how farm and agriculture land can be turned into commercial land without a vote.
    Something smells very bad here and it’s not the manure that was once spread on that property.
    I can promise you, that if any of the officials that made these decisions lived where I live, this plant would not have been approved and built.
    What can we do to halt the construction of this plant?

    • Roger Moss says:

      Robert- You can attend the demonstrations each Saturday, come to Sustainable Warwick meetings and work with our “Infrastructure” committee, and lots more. Thank you for commenting.

  4. Kenneth F Merkel says:

    Are we stupid? No one is going to benefit from this except the greedy. The pipe line went through our area and benefits no one in our area. It destroyed our pristine landscape and that was sold to a Chinese company. Fracking will destroy our water source that provides to us all. Call your Congressional Representative NOW! Don’t let OUR natural resources flow from our land for foreign greed. Our water resource is our greatest asset for the future of our children. Don’t sell it and don’t be sold. Fracking is BAD. KFM

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