Who We Are

Geoff Howard is the Chair of SW, which is guided by a Steering Committee consisting of Geoff, Brian Baird, Bill Makofske, Mary Makofske, and Michael Helme.

Below are our current committees and committee chairs. Let the committee chair know if you would like to join or volunteer for a specific event.

Energize Warwick/Energize NY:   Encouraging home energy audits and weatherization through NYSERDA programs       Bill Makofske

Fossil Fuel Infrastructure/CPV:   Providing information and actions on gas and oil projects       Russ Layne

BYOBag:   Encouraging alternatives to plastic bags and other plastic products      Julia Calderon

Membership and Active Hope:   Attracting new members, encouraging members to join committees, and encouraging more interaction between members      Michael Helme

Finances/Fundraising:  Handling and raising funds for projects    Brian Baird or Roger Moss

Communications:   Assisting with press releases, letters, Facebook, and website, and taking minutes       Mary Makofske

Schools:   Cooperative projects with local schools      Bill Greene

Sustainable World Book Discussion:   Once a month book discussions at local libraries      Kathleen Shannon

3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle): Reducing waste in Warwick and Orange County         Roger Moss or Elizabeth Knight


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