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Sr. Miriam Macgillis

Genesis Farm’s mission is to teach and promote earth literacy as we exit the short earth era defined by oil powered machines and environmental hubris. What is earth literacy, you might ask?

The green living movement has gained prominence in recent years with recycling efforts, carbon awareness, pollution control, biofuel, farmers’ markets and what not. But during Sustainable Warwick’s visit to Genesis Farm in Blairstown, NJ on April 16 we got a taste of an example of true earth literacy – and it is very different from and goes way beyond composting your kitchen scraps or going on a week-end hike.

Besides Genesis Farm’s mastermind, Sr. Miriam Macgillis, with her broad cosmology and spiritual ecological vision for the future, we also met Dr. James Conroy, aka The Tree Whisperer. Dr. Conroy comes from a traditional scientific background in horticulture and plant pathology, and worked for years treating diseased plants with agricultural chemicals. He made a 180o turn when he woke up to the realization that his methodology, and that of our culture at large, was like being at war with nature. He became aware of his intuitive ability and began treating plants cooperatively as living organisms.

deer flags around a fruit tree

deer flags around a fruit tree

“Dr. Jim Conroy’s philosophy is based on rejuvenating trees’ inner health.  Inner healing occurs when a plant’s or tree’s inner parts, systems, and the aggregate of inner processes are bioenergetically transformed and imprinted with new and healthy patterns of operation,” he explains on his website.

deer flags around planting beds

deer flags around planting beds

In addition to healing trees he has now expanded his intuitive ability to communicating with the deer on the Genesis property. In order to avoid fencing specific areas in, he works cooperatively with the deer, identifying those areas on the farm that are set aside for produce gardening with flags  they supposedly have learned to recognize. The deer are free  to roam and eat from all other areas on the farm. Asked whether the deer listen to him, Conroy answers with a smile that it seems to be working so far, but that every spring the new born deer walk all over the place and have to be taught anew where they can and cannot go. Way beyond bringing your own grocery bags to the store!





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  1. Melanie says:

    Lovely piece Suzanne. Thank you for capturing this incredible intention, and the efforts of Genesis Farm. Would love to see a link to the farm, and maybe even to their donation page.

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