change begins with YOU and ME

There are people out there who say that our environmental challenges are just so overwhelming that bringing your own reusable shopping bags to the supermarket or putting solar panels on your house won’t make a difference; that we are doomed if the bigger entities won’t make drastic changes in policy and commitment.

Well, I agree to disagree. And here is why.

drying rackIt’s about becoming aware individually first, about awakening, about incorporating a small change or two into your life. That small change is likely to trigger an inquiry, perhaps an interest, it will mushroom out. It may even inspire a spark to nudge a friend, your children, your parents. See? Now you’ve already made a difference among several people. And how you teach by example is huge, and it spreads. That’s how grassroots movements are born, that’s how change happens. It is our individual awareness that must awaken before we can expect our government, our local politicians, the big corporations to follow suit. Remember, our politicians, the employees of the large corporations, are all people like you and I.   They go shopping, like you and I. When they go to the supermarket and are handed a reusable shopping bag with a nudge to forego the flimsy single-use plastic bags that end up in trees and oceans and pollute our environment, they become aware.  That’s how we need to start. The more of this nudging on all fronts, the better.

What can you do easily and immediately besides bringing your reusable shopping bags to the supermarket, the farmer’s market or the mall (and do keep them in your car so you won’t forget)?LED

  • dry your clothes on a line or a drying rack – consumes less fossil fuels and saves you $
  • reduce, reuse, recycle
  • switch to LED lightbulbs, they last about 23 (!) years and consume only 1/2 the electricity of a compact fluorescent, you’ll save huge!
  • insulate your house – saves you $ and reduces the use of fossil fuels
  • shop and resell you gently used clothing at second hand stores – saves you $, gives you a more diverse selection, recycles good clothing, your money stays in your community and goes to a small local businessreduce reuse recycle

Your children, your partner, a friend will notice the changes, they may inquire, it opens a discussion. Change begins with YOU and ME! Yes, the challenges are huge. But without awareness and commitment from you and me, without you and I taking responsibility and making small changes for starters, things won’t change “up there.”

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  1. geoff says:

    Important ideas. In the end, it comes down to individual decisions, how each of us chooses to organize and live his/her life. But, individual decisions can have an effect on others. You can certainly affect your family; then your circle of friends and neighbors; then your community.

    That’s where Sustainable Warwick is – trying to affect this one community. And as we are successful here, we know we will affect other communities. That’s the way it goes … and grows.

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