The Community Composting Program was launched in 2013, in partnership with the Village of Warwick Department of Public Works. Under the program, the DPW uses a “recipe” provided by knowledgeable SW composters and with readily-available “ingredients” such as – leaves, grass clippings, along with composted manure that they pick up from Warwick area farms, to produce high quality compost and mulch that is available without charge to Warwick residents.

If you would like more information about the Composting Program or how to compost at home, please drop us a line. An experienced Composter will help you!

Free compost for village residents

PUBLISHED MAY 23, 2013 AT 1:34 PM (UPDATED MAY 23, 2013)
The Warwick Advertiser
Working together to offer free compost and mulch for Village of Warwick residents: From left, DPW Supervisor Kirk Williams, Mayor Michael Newhard, Chairman of Sustainable Warwick Geoff Howard and Deputy Mayor Barry Cheney.

WARWICK — The Village of Warwick, in partnership with Sustainable Warwick, recently announced the availability of free compost and mulch for village residents.

The Municipal Compost Program began nearly three years ago as a method of utilizing various waste streams to create garden compost and mulch. The village worked with Sustainable Warwick and compost enthusiast Dave Washburn who had past experience in developing compost programs.

The compost is a formulated mixture of leaf mulch, horse manure and decomposed wood chips. The process of turning over the pile on a regular basis was performed by the Village Department of Public Works.

Washburn monitored temperatures to insure microbial breakdown of raw materials into garden soil.