The Basics

Energize New York is an extremely attractive New York State-supported program to encourage homeowners to weatherize and retrofit their homes, with important benefits in comfort, reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills.

Energize Warwick (EW) has all the features and benefits of the State-wide program and adds on some great incentives for Warwick-area non-profits.

The three-step process:

1.  A professional energy assessment, (free for most homeowners) including valuable health and safety aspects as well

2.  An assessment report that lists the cost of each upgrade item and the projected payback period, which tells how long before the upgrade pays for itself from energy savings

3.  On-Bill financing, a method that allows you to finance energy upgrades through a charge on your utility bill. Your monthly payments will be calculated not to exceed your expected savings, so your energy savings cover most or all of your payment

The key benefits to the homeowner:

  • Warmer, more comfortable homes in winter … cooler in summer
  • Upgrades totally financed with not one dollar out-of-pocket
  • Financing payments made ON-BILL out of dollars saved on monthly utility bill
  • Being a leader and part of an important Town-wide energy conservation effort.

The payoff for Warwick-area non-profit organizations:

Every homeowner who joins the EW program – gets the free assessment and then does some of the work listed on the assessment report – will earn $200 donated directly to the non-profit of their choice. Non-profits are actively encouraged to talk up this beneficial program to their membership.

Additional features of the EW program
  • Access to an “energy advisor/coach,” an expert in energy assessments and upgrades, who can answer your questions
  • Access to a “Customer Advocate”
  • A “short-list” of approved Warwick-area contractors, including references

Key Energize Warwick Contacts:

Bill Makofske (Energy Advisor)

Bill Makofske , Professor Emeritus of Physics (Ramapo College), taught energy and environmental courses for more than 30 years. He has also taught the Building Performance Institute (BPI) course that qualifies contractors to provide home weatherization through NYSERDA. He lives in an energy efficient solar house he and his wife designed.


Michael D’Arcy (Outreach Coordiantor)   845-705-7883

See list of Local Home Performance Contractors who have recently completed weatherization projects in Warwick.

For more details, see FAQs Energize Warwick.