Library:  The first three home energy books listed below are highly recommended, and are available in the Albert Wisner Public Library, or through the Ramapo-Catskill Library System.

Cut Your Energy Bills Now, Bruce Harley, The Taunton Press (2008).  Easy to read, step-by-step picture guide for reducing homeowner energy use.

The Home Energy Diet, Paul Scheckel, New Society Publishers, (2005). Detailed home guide to energy savings.

Consumers Guide to Home Energy Savings, A. Wilson, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, (2007). Detailed home guide to energy savings with emphasis on efficient home appliance use.

KILL A WATT Power and Energy Meters are available for loan at the Warwick Library. An easy to use, simple way to measure appliance power and energy, and to test for parasitic loads.

Low Carbon Diet: A 30 Day Program to Lose 5000 Pounds, David Gershon, Empowerment Institute, (2006). A guide for a group effort to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. Simple to use and understand.

Consumer Information:  There are Federal and state incentives, tax credits, and loans available for home efficiency measures, and renewable energy. In some cases, rebates for Energy Star appliances are available through your utility. There are weatherization programs available to low-income families. These programs and incentives change over time, and it is important to find out what the latest ones are.  See our Energize Warwick program and information at Save Energy.