The Warwick Community Garden was started in March of 2010 at the Warwick Community Center and was more than doubled in size the following year.  By 2013, a drip irrigation system was added. It is a true community garden in the sense that there are no individual plots – and it is totally organic. The membership decides what to plant, provides the necessary manpower – usually an hour a week – and shares in the harvest. Any extra produce is donated to the Ecumenical Food Pantry.
Membership Information –  Membership is $25.00/year.  Contact Kelly Collins for details.

The Warwick Community Orchard, next to the Community Garden,  was awarded to the Village of Warwick as part of a national competition in 2011. More than 26,000 people, mostly Warwick residents, voted for our orchard. It consists of 42 trees – apricots, Asian pears, cherries, pawpaws. pears, peaches and plums. There is a volunteer Orchard Brigade that cares for the trees.

Community Garden Launch

May 12, 2010 by Warwick Chamber of Commerce

Please Join the Community Garden!

Something exciting is about to be launched in Warwick and we are hoping that some of you will actively want to be involved.

A coalition of four local community organizations – Sustainable Warwick, Community 2000, The Center for Natural and Traditional Knowledge, and the Warwick Community Center – are joining forces to launch a community garden project that will be located on the grounds of the Community Center. In the towns and villages where community gardens have been established, they have quickly become important focal points for all kinds of community involvement and activity.

This initial garden will be intentionally small – 25’ x 50’ – so we can concentrate on making sure it succeeds, but it is also a pilot for future community garden sites throughout the Town of Warwick that will be in place starting in 2011. In other words, although this first garden may be small in size, it will have an enormous potential positive impact.

We are hoping that certain members of the Chamber community will see this as precisely the kind of highly visible, feel-good project which they would like to help – and there are many ways to help. For our part, we will commit to make sure that your sponsorship or assistance to the garden is widely recognized, both at the site and in the press. If you would like to get involved or merely to learn more, please contact Geoff Howard.