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Through Solarize, residents and small business owners will be able to learn whether  their homes and buildings are a fit for solar electricity, identify options for purchasing or leasing it, and find out how to move forward with affordable solar power.The more people who sign up for installations, the more discounts each individual purchaser receives.

How it works: The staff at Solarize Hudson Valley and RenewableNY work closely with communities, and with solar installation firms, to organize community-based four-to-five month-group purchasing programs in “waves” of communities several times a year. These programs drive the cost of solar down as more people get involved. NYSERDA-approved installation firms are selected by means of a thorough review of qualifications and capacity to meet the scaled-up demand. Local workshops and open houses hosted by “solar ambassadors” make it easy and fun to learn about solar power and decide if now is the time for you to go solar. A dedicated consumer help line assists with specific questions. Solarize volunteers get the community involved by tabling at local events and bringing presentations to workplaces, houses of worship, and other places where people get together.

Participating communities: Kingston (pilot: May 1 – September 12, 2015); Rosendale, Woodstock, Beacon, Goshen and Warwick. The 2015 program runs through November 15, 2015, and is open to all residents of Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, Rockland, Sullivan and Putnam counties through events in these “hub” communities.

Benefits to the consumer:

▪Solarize is a proven community campaign that builds public awareness about the benefits of solar electric for homes and businesses.

▪It simplifies the process while still offering options: buy or lease; roof or ground mount. All the necessary permitting is handled by your installer.

▪It adds trust: selected installers are certified and their work is guaranteed.

▪It adds confidence: you are assured of getting high-quality components in your system.

▪There are many ways to get your questions answered: community workshops, solar home tours, “live” solar installations, and “Solar Ambassadors”—community members who already have solar and can tell you about their experience. Plus, an old-fashioned telephone Help Line!

▪And it saves you money: Solarize is a group purchase discount. You will receive the full state incentives and federal tax credits. Through our partnership with RUPCO, you will receive help in accessing the low-interest loans that best meet your needs.


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