Recognizing the mutual dependence between Warwick and the rest of the world, our purpose is to increase public understanding of sustainability by providing information and encouraging individuals, community organizations, businesses, schools, and government to cooperate in protecting environmental quality and reducing carbon emissions.

Sustainable Warwick’s Goals for a Sustainable Community:

  1. Increase understanding of the earth’s resources, ecosystems and climate and our dependence on a healthy environment.
  2. Minimize dependence on fossil fuels and wasteful use of scarce metals and other resources.
  3. Support use and development of renewable energy, efficiency, and conservation.
  4. Support use and development of safer alternatives to persistent chemicals which may be harmful.
  5. Support a vibrant local economy. Develop ways of meeting human needs fairly and efficiently while respecting the limits of nature.
  6. Celebrate the creativity and community spirit involved in developing this vision.
  7. Emphasize dialogue and collaboration.