Bag Ladies

In 2007, the Committee on Plastic Bags (also known as “the Bag Ladies”) conducted a program over a period of several months. It included:

  1. Meetings with ShopRite managers to see how we might cooperate in reducing plastic bag use and on other sustainability issues. Corporate headquarters was already working on reducing energy costs and encouraging reusable bags. Our members sold cotton bags at the Warwick ShopRite as a fundraiser for Sustainable Warwick and also gave out 1000 free reusable bags supplied by the store.
  2. Creating an information series in the local newspapers to raise awareness about the environmental costs of plastic bags and to offer alternatives.
  3. Meeting with the Chamber of Commerce to see how we might cooperate in reducing plastic bag use.
  4. Cooperating with local parent-teacher organizations to sell canvas shopping bags as fundraisers.
  5. Making sustainability changes at the Warwick Farmers’ Market, such as selling reusable market bags and biodegradable produce bags and eliminating sale of bottled water.

Articles (some published as articles, some as letters to the editor) appeared in local newspapers. The editors of the papers were contacted in advance so they were familiar with our organization and the purpose of the articles.

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