GMO Labeling

Sustainable Warwick is joining up with the New York Genetically Engineered Food Labeling Campaign to ensure that New York States residents know what is in the food they are buying and consuming. This is an issue of high importance to Warwick residents and we’re glad you’ve come to this page looking for more information!

Some fast facts:

  • Genetic engineering is biotechnology used to create new organisms (“genetically modified organisms” or “GMOs”) through the combination of DNA usually from unrelated species. 
  • A 2013 poll by The New York Times revealed 93% of Americans want GE foods to be labeled.

  • The vast majority of corn, soybean, sugar beet, cotton, and canola grown in the U.S. is genetically engineered and it is estimated that 70–80% of processed foods contain genetically engineered materials.

  • Genetically modified crops have huge ramifications for the environment. Click here for more information. 

So what is being done?

NY GE Food Labeling Campaign is pushing for legislation that would mandate labels on genetically engineered (GE) seed, seed stock, and foods offered for retail sale in New York, identifying them as such. 

Citizen pressure is needed to ensure that these bills pass, which is why petitioning is necessary, both on the federal and state levels. 


The list of local businesses that are in support of mandatory GMO labeling is steadily increasing. Here are those who join Sustainable Warwick in supporting this action:

The Grange – Jimmy Haurey

The Conscious Fork – Kim Gabelmann

Down To Earth – Lisa Mitchell

Warwick Yoga – Rose Dwyer

Monroe Tai Chi – Ronen Divon

Scheuermann Farms – Bob Scheuermann


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