The Warwick Trees Initiative

The purpose of this initiative is to up-cycle storm-downed or otherwise damaged trees and use the locally milled lumber for local community projects.

From New York Heartwoods’ website:


New York Heartwoods believes in finding the highest and best use for our community’s downed and dying trees. If you believe a tree has potential greater than mulch, landfill, or firewood, we are your resource!

We accept straight, rot- and metal-free hardwood and cedar logs with a minimum diameter of 14 inches and length of 8 feet 6 inches. If you are interested in donating logs, please email us pictures and log dimensions.

Transport for standing/leaning trees: Several Orange County tree services are listed on our Community page. Once your tree removal is scheduled, please notify us.

Transport for downed trees: Logs that meet the above specifications and are cut to length, less than 32” diameter, and within 5 miles of the Village of Warwick may qualify for removal at no charge. For larger trees or those out of our range, we can recommend transportation options. Please contact us for information.

We thank you for your interest in, and contributions to, our up-cycling efforts!

Visit New York Heartwoods to learn more.

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