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Community Picnic

The First Annual Warwick Community Picnic, held July 20, 2013, was deemed a success, despite oppressive heat and a predicted thunderstorm, which never came. Those in attendance were treated to a fabulous display of painted and decorated birdhouses, which were auctioned off for the benefit of the Community Center; thin crust brick oven pizza, provided by Vesuvius Pizza; a hot dog truck; famous sausage and peppers by Sustainable Warwick member Pat Gallagher of Gallagher Solar Thermal. All were entertained throughout the day by Edward Miller of Eazy Bubbles, with his tremendous-sized bubbles; and the enjoyable music provided by a number of local musicians. One 16-year-old boy, who came with his friend "for the food", was so surprised at all the fun happenings, he said, "WHY aren't there hundreds of people here?!" So, next year, we can expect hundreds!
Community Picnic Birdhouse Auction

Community Orchard

The Warwick Community Orchard was awarded to the Village of Warwick as part of a national competition in 2011. More than 26,000 people, mostly Warwick residents, voted for our orchard. It consists of 42 trees - apricots, Asian pears, cherries, pawpaws, pears, peaches and plums. There is a volunteer Orchard Brigade that cares for the trees. 2014 will be the first year the trees will be permitted to bear fruit.


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  1. Jack Walters says:

    The BYOBags signs in the Rt 94 Price Chopper / Shoprite area have outlived their usefulness. Most have degenerated to illegible roadside blight. Probably not the message you want to send.

    • Mary Makofske says:

      Glad you noticed the signs! The older signs have been replaced by sturdier ones. We want to keep reminding people to bring their bags.

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