Reducing waste traditionally means the 3 R’s–Reduce consumption, Reuse items, and Recycle.

The “Recylopedia” can help you find a place for that unneeded item:

Thanks to SW member Elizabeth Knight for compiling this “Recylopedia” (organized by category) and to Straus News for publishing it in Dirt magazine.

For recycling electronics:

Staples takes e-waste, including computer monitors, for free, but no TVs.

Best Buy takes e-waste for free but charges for TVs and computer monitors. $25 a piece.

New Hampton and Newburgh Transfer Stations take TVs only (CRTs and flat screens) for $5 a piece.


The Repair Cafe can keep your broken items in use.


Visit consignment shops and check or for free or inexpensive used items. Keep them in circulation!


The best way to reduce waste is to consume less.