Sustainable Warwick has a five member Steering Committee, with chair Geoff Howard as ex officio member:  Brian  Baird, Michael Helme, Bill MakofskeMary Makofske, and Kelly Collins.

Committee chairs are:

BYOBag:  Julia Calderon and Michael Helme

Fossil Fuel Infrastructure:  Ruth Landstrom

3 Rs (including Repair Cafe and Too Good To Toss):  Elizabeth Knight

Schools: Bill Greene

Communications: Mary Makofske and Matthew Finn

Garden: Bernice Mulch and Geoff Howard

Membership: Michael Helme

Book Club: Kevin Ryan

Active Hope programs: Ruth Landstrom

Membership: Michael Helme

If you are interested in helping with any of these or would like more information about them, email the appropriate chair by clicking on the name listed.