Subject: Re: Too Good To Toss 2018

Dear Ms. Knight,

My husband and I went to the recent 2018 TOO GOOD TO TOSS and we just wanted to thank you very much for an exciting event.  We brought home items not only for our home but also for my two sons for their new apartments.  As recent college graduates, they were happy that I helped stock up their kitchen with appliances and utensils.  For my neighbor who is over 100 years old and with fixed income, we brought her many items to make her more comfortable while being in bed majority of the day.  My husband saw one charcoal grill and he is excited and thrilled to use it this summer!!!  We also met a parent from my son’s pre-school year and it was great to see her after so many years!

The event was great in saving so many terrific items from the dumpster!!!  Thank you for making this event such a success.   I hope the Warwick government officials will continue to support this very important and beneficial event for many years!!!

Best Regards,

Mae Bressler