At Home

Save Energy

Steps you can take to save electricity

Steps you can take to save on heating and air conditioning

Steps you can take to save on hot water heating

Have a home energy audit through NYSERDA and Energize Warwick

Switch to a renewable electricity provider

You can choose what company provides your electricity. To support renewable energy, choose a provider that supplies electricity from wind, solar, or hydro (water). You will still receive your bill and receive service from the company you are now with (O&R in the Warwick area). Several companies offer electricity powered by renewable sources.

Eat local and/or organic foods

Warwick offers abundant local and organic food at farmers’ markets, farms, and supermarkets.

Replace dangerous chemicals with safer alternatives

Some magic cleaning products (safe and effective) are plain white vinegar and baking soda (bicarbonate of soda). Baking soda removes odors, cuts grease, can even be sprinkled on carpets and then vacuumed. Vinegar also removes odors, cuts hard water deposits, and helps inhibit mildew.

For other safe products to use in the home and yard, see evaluations by Beyond Pesticides and the Environmental Working Group

For evaluation of cosmetics, see Safe Cosmetics and the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep.

See brief video, The Story of Cosmetics.

Grow a Natural Lawn

Reuse and Recycle

Orange County recycling information

Town of Warwick recycling information

Free Cycle (type in Orange County NY) to list or seek free items

Go to Habitat for Humanity’s Restore to donate or find used building materials and furniture

Visit consignment shops

Carry reusable shopping bags

Reduce consumption

The Story of Stuff (video)

Use tap water rather than bottled water.


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